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A world used to refer to Japanese people, or people who know the language by heart. It may often be symbolism for showing love towards Japan, as this slang word is picked up from anime games like Elsword. Pay attention to how you use this word, otherwise people of all cultures take offense to it. It's also worth noting that "weeaboo" is academically not a REAL word, but it is known as Japanese Slang. It's a term that is not used to address people who have ties to Japan (prevalent to Japanese videos on YouTube). It is a socially unacceptable word, and can be used by unmature kids to bully others, as it is seen to be an inappropriate word. It may be considered a perverted front or approach.
"Darling, you're much too tense. Normal people won't be mad if you're a weeaboo. Take pride in who you are!"
by 레이첼 on Nov 11, 2015



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