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A beautiful girl that doesnt know she is beautiful, She is insecure about everything. Also very shy, until you know her. Has a very caring heart even when others are mean to her. She pretends to not care about anything even though, for real, she is the most who cares. She is basically invisible to everyone so nobody knows how smart(like a nerd), awesome, sporty, extremly caring and nice and beautiful she is. She also is the funniest person you will ever know. She is not "cool" in like a school type of school but she is cool. She doesnt trust a lot of people, but the people who she trusts, are the luckiest people in the world. These days sadly a "Yamila" are uncommon so if you have one please don't do anything to hurt her and care for her because you might not see another person like that again.
Ex. guy1:Dude I'm dating a Yamila

guy2: Don't ever let her go... she is one in a zillion
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anonomys personによって 2015年01月13日(火)
a vampy, dark haired female with smoldering eyes.
Wow! check out that girl,she's hot! What a Yamila!
#vamp #sexy #hot #smolder #tease
monkeyforbrainsによって 2006年09月21日(木)
a vampy, dark haired female with smoldering eyes.
Wow! check out that girl! she's hot! what a Yamila!
#sexy #hot #smolder #beautiful #exotix #mysterious
monkeyforbrainsによって 2006年09月21日(木)
A frown; scowl; look of disinterest. Aggressive facial posture.
I was going to try to talk to her, but I saw she had her Yamila on so I just let her walk by.

These dudes were gonna try to jump me, but once they saw my Yamila, they knew they didn't want a problem with me..
#frown #smile #scowl #sad #mean #fearless #stern
keeptheawardsによって 2010年02月03日(水)

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