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a white girl with a nice booty
Look at that wootie right there..where she at? oh, there she go...that white girl sure has a nice booty.
neensによって 2006年05月04日(木)
a guy has a wootie a girl has a cutie
hi girly! you wanna see my wootie? cause my wootie sure would like to meet your cutie :)
JynxTheLynxによって 2009年06月04日(木)
a really cute 5 year old boy. who likes cheetahs, and servals. and is really super cool. Wooties like good music, and can dance way better than you can, beacue they are cooler than you will ever be!
" wow wootie you can really cut the rug!"
rosebud bunnyによって 2008年02月22日(金)