To be completely wasted, inebriated, shitfaced, blind. Must be said in an Australian twang.
I was getting wonky with me blokes while I was getting a bloody rimmy.
33rd Streetによって 2005年07月08日(金)
Fucked up.
That goddamn roller coaster made me feel wonky.
Anonymousによって 2003年07月13日(日)
For instance; when you're talking to someone and one of their eyes casually wanders off to the side. Can also be applied to one's sexual orientation, like a gay man married to a woman.
I don't know why Tod continues on with his sharade, he's gay and he has a wonky eye.
Derringerによって 2006年11月28日(火)
Another name for the male reproductive organ, penis.
Son quit playing with your wonky.
Timmy Joe Jenkinsによって 2005年11月14日(月)
A mans favorite tool. The penis
1.You have to have a big wonky to be a porn star.
2.Son, quit playing with your wonky.
Jeffry Josephatによって 2005年11月29日(火)
blatantly homosexual
Boy George is definately more than a bit wonky.
kagrによって 2003年11月06日(木)
A black person who dresse's/act's/look's like a white person!! Fucked up shit that should never happen.
"Look at that Wonky over there, thinks he's white!"
Rizzle aka the Discipleによって 2005年02月25日(金)