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An insider who reveals an act, generally illegal, taking place, which the person committing the act would not wish to be public.

The word comes from the idea that the whistleblower is "blowing a whistle" to stop the illegal action that he/she sees.
The CEO was sent to jail after a whistleblower who worked at the company leaked documents to the press proving illegal stock manipulation.
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alexazによって 2006年03月31日(金)
The heroes that expose crimes and corrupt activities even though they will be punished harshly by the government for daring expose their dirty secrets.
Bradley Manning was a Whistleblower who exposed the lies of the military industrial complex and incurred the wrath of the Obama administration. Edward Snowden was a Whistleblower who broke the news that the NSA was recording everything any american did online, on their phones, or within just about any networked electronic communications technology (in violation of the 4th Amendment.)
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CameronFireflyによって 2013年06月10日(月)
some one who spills the truth
that hoe is a whistle blower, she told her pimp i would be okay with working the streets.
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Lshizzleによって 2007年11月15日(木)
A concious, responsible citizen, who reports about the commited crime to the court or procuracy.
Someone, who initiates an investigation, law-enforcement agencies' information provider
Many acts of corruption are discovered thanks to denouncements from whistleblowers. However, frequently whistleblowers suffer retaliations.
Bellechkaによって 2004年10月28日(木)
Someone who puts a stop to bad behavior.
People were getting by with abusing the system until the whistle blower reported it to authorities.
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Ben Aroundによって 2011年01月21日(金)
Someone who insists on smoking more out of an empty bowl/piece, thus creating a whistling sound when you try to inhale. For further, see 'Weed Jew'
-"Dawg, do you see a white woman?"
-"No, Jack is just a being a whistle blower."
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Tony Reyesによって 2011年01月01日(土)
One who enjoys partaking in orally manipulating the female vulva.
"Dude. That chick is hot!" -- "Sorry, bro. She's a drippy whistleblower..."
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LoveMeSomeNakedWomenによって 2013年06月12日(水)

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