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1) An idiot, a stupid person.

2) A scrotum sack that has seen too much masturbation.
1) STFU, whackbag.

2) Dude, lay off the pr0n. Your whackbag is about to fall off.
King Asshat XVIII of Asshatiaによって 2005年07月06日(水)

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the art of walking past one of your boys and giving him the little "love tap" back hand to his privates for sport.
Corey didn't expect the whack bag I layed on him in the line at Subway.
Rus from providence RIによって 2004年01月27日(火)
A hard strike to ones genitals, Usually done with closed fist, or foot.
" All I did was poke her sisters tit and she freakin Whack Bagged me in the giggle berries!"
Jimiによって 2004年11月23日(火)