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Is a virtual and real reality that you can't get employment for the following reasons.One,you don't have a legally provable resume that an employer would consider of value to shortlist because of huge year gaps in employment.Two,you don't have a high enough credit rating and score for an employer to consider you valuable enough to hire.Three,you don't have a social media profile that others would consider monetarily valuable enough to buy or acquire from you.Four,if you have complained enough to government or business about your employability woes and no one will go to bat for you to get yourself employed that is another sign.Five,you were not smart enough as a youth to make sure that you knew who and whom had access to your employment documentation when you sent it to companies without any conditions attached.That is always a sign that you are not in control of your career or careers in any manner.Sixth,when you have not been able to know who read your online employment documentation because you couldn't afford to spy on your employment documentation readers,that is another sign.
Bono in the Celtic Connection for November 2011 said that he was virtually unemployable without being in the U2 band,he meant that would not be employable outside of his band.
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B1j2p8b1によって 2011年11月25日(金)

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