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The typical cheerleader is a girl or guy that acts and portrays a character in a movie that is a cheerleader. Like the bitchy one, the slutty one, or the nice ones. There are different category's for every cheerleader is different. Head ctypical cheerleader might be every category smashed into one. But a typical cheerleader unless she\he is the nice one... I wouldn't become friends with them. Because whatever a typical cheerleader does to her friends she can do to you. Espically the slutty kind.
ex: a slutty cheerleader/thot; can talk to numerous people. Even their long time friends ex. And the number one excuse will be... Well they aren't together anymore , free game, something in those words.

° ex: low key bully cheerleader; these are easy but hard to spot. They make everyday decisions when it comes too be kind. Helping the persons books off the floor they just dropped or letting the special ed kid cut. But don't be fooled. You could have no friends and try to be friends with them BC they seem nice but if your not as cool as them then they can lead you on to thinking you guys are friends, or be rude and you become the victim..

This is a typical cheerleader
world.decipherによって 2015年08月27日(木)

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