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A synonym for the word "those".
Aii, drop them nikies of yo ass.
eclipticによって 2004年02月05日(木)
Everyone who is not one of us.
htrn: It waz them! They did it!
daDebilによって 2004年02月29日(日)
A form of 'those' used to call attention to something. In this sense, it has both the functions of 'those' and a topic marker.
Them fake-ass Nikes ain't gonna help you pull no bitches.
Look at them motherfucking G's.
Them bones.
Them fish won't fry themselves.
*bong hit*によって 2012年08月11日(土)
Contraction of "Those are".
Thems the bastards that took my cake.
cudmasterによって 2008年04月26日(土)
A Polite term for humongous boobs. Can be used anyway the user wishes.
Dude she has them!
dude them is wearing something hot today.
FalconPunchinatorによって 2009年05月26日(火)
not us
"look at them", "they are not us"
Anonocatによって 2014年12月17日(水)
A quirky, spritely little hobbit-ish freak that like dnd and gaming and has many issues.
Them was hugging everyone and dancing while high.
Femによって 2004年05月22日(土)

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