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The best movie ever made. "the shawshnk redemtion" or 'the shank' for short.
Andy dufraine gets raped in the shank...its a major plot point.
Tom Petersenによって 2006年08月05日(土)
The term that strippers can use to describe to their boss that they cannot come in because they have Diarrhea. I mean, seriously, who wants to see that?
Um, yeah Vinny this Bumper, I cannot come in tonight cause I got the shanks.
Annette Llloydによって 2007年08月10日(金)
(n).A massive, un coordinated 6'8 white kid with an enormous head.

(v). To get screwed
Damn, that fool jsut got shanked
Young Pintoによって 2005年03月21日(月)