Giving thanks to one person
Thank you, mam.
[k-mArt]によって 2003年09月15日(月)
shit song by dido - eminem seemed to like it though
and iiiiiiii want to thaaaaaaank you...
selmabouvierによって 2003年12月18日(木)
An awesome led zeppelin song
none at all..............
Anonymousによって 2003年11月12日(水)
much love
much love brotha
JPDAWGによって 2003年09月18日(木)
ending to a smart ass comment
And you can kiss my ass, thank you.
Angelekaによって 2003年09月18日(木)
that thing you say when somebody offers up their ho.
Yo guy, you want a swing on my bitch? Response: Thank you.
brillによって 2003年09月15日(月)
this great saying first came from will ferrel acting as alex trebek on celebrity jeopardy. It means shut up that is stupid. It is also used to things that you don't want to hear anymore.
Jamie: I really love listening to that Hillary Duff song.

Tyler: Thank you, Thank you
john Caseyによって 2004年04月15日(木)


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