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a word orignating from the valley, circa 1982. Used as an exclamation of joy, or a variation of yes(check totally).
"Tcha! that dude is like, mega frikkin hot!"
Josephineによって 2005年03月10日(木)
used as an exclamation of indignation.
or as an exasperation
Person 1- go on tell me
Person 2- no u shall just have to wait and see
Person 1- Tcha!
Ellie800によって 2006年01月03日(火)
expression meaning fo-sho, hell ya, fuck ya, without a doubt, most definitely girlfriend! upon saying this, another member of the conversation must reply in agreement with saying,"Mmya."
Jen says, "Aimee is that fella an nasty dirt or what!"
Aimee replies, "TCha!"
Jen says, "Mmya!"
s.a.a.によって 2008年05月13日(火)
an emphatic form of Ya, meaning Yes or You
Tcha digg?
your best idiotによって 2010年04月12日(月)