Top Definition
a sexy ass female, that knows how to flaunt it, and can get laid!
look, at that Tawnie, damn shes fine!
Meによって 2005年04月13日(水)
A girl who is genreally awkward in social gatherings but exciting and crazy alone or with friends.
Person 1: Have you seen that Tawnie chick? She's so awkward.
Person 2: I'm friends with her actually. She's really friendly and sarcastic.
Person 1: I would have never guessed.
ThatDramaKidによって 2013年02月17日(日)
see gangster...
tawnie is the bomb shit of all gangsters
tawnieによって 2003年06月15日(日)
great porn star
tawnie stone is hot
cool beansによって 2003年06月15日(日)
see gangster
tawnie the gangster is so the bomb shit!
Anonymousによって 2003年06月14日(土)

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