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i am tashi
n/aによって 2003年09月10日(水)
a very caring and hlpful person who gets mad at times..
tashi-u r so impossible.
kantabahenによって 2005年04月28日(木)
auspicious, fortunate, lucky, in line with the cosmos, singing in harmony with the uni-verse, in tune, right place right time, used in the Tibetan Language in a way that is similar to Hello, "tashi dele" but actually means in a very synchronistic connection to the divine. Anyone with the name Tashi is very lucky and brings a quality of grace, charm and luck to those around them. This name can be used for male or female and is mostly used as a greeting, which wishes the state of Tashi onto others.
Dalai Lama: Tashi Delek
Regular admirer: Tashi delek to you too.

Dalai Lama: "May all auspicious signs come to this environment."
#auspicious #blessings #good luck #auspicious signs #fortunate circumstances #well being
tashi delekによって 2010年02月06日(土)
Tashi is a fascinating person. The very meaning of the name being "good fortune". A Tashi is someone who will always keep you interested. Often underestimated due to their small physiques, a Tashi has a fiery and rebellious personality. No one can ever tell a Tashi what she can and cannot do. Having said that, people named Tashi tend to have a strong love for little things like themselves. Children, animals and small or cute objects fascinate them and make them cherish and protect them. People named Tashi aren't always stunningly beautiful however they have a sweet charm that attracts others to them. A Tashi is complicated and not always easy to understand, you may think you understand her but often you only see the image she wants you to. Being very intelligent people, Tashis are often impatient or easily irritated. Tashis have strong sex drives, and if paired with the right person have extremely hot sex. A Tashi will always dream of freedom, and like a caged bird, will sometimes spiral into insanity if imprisonned too long. Overall, a Tashi is a strong, stubborn, small individual. Longing for freedom and desiring to be understood. With enough patience a Tashi could be the best friend or lover to you. But push her far enough and she'll be your worst nightmare. Never underestimate the physical or mental capacities of a Tashi.
You see that girl over there? She's a Tashi alright. You'll never meet another one like her.
#strong #rare #hidden #sexy #petite
kaleidoscope_realityによって 2014年05月22日(木)
A sweet girl with a sense of style who has beautiful hair, and is mostly asian
Great Singer and has a crappy phone
Nice teeth and likes social medias, and is smart
Likes to wear makeup but not too much and likes lions
Loves horror movies and loves to eat crossiant donuts
Girl : Oh Look, is that the New Girl Tashi?
Girl 2 : Oh yeah! Hey Tashi I love your makeup, it looks so nice
Girl : Omg Tashi your voice is so great!
Girl 2 : Yeah Tashi, you have an amazing voice!
#tashi #makeup #hair #lions #movies
llama_jennnによって 2015年02月20日(金)
a big booty trick who is fine as what and is jamaican and eats nuthing but chicken
Ike beat tashi joint
#tashi #jamaica #i #u #oo #jjj #hhh #hh
kold kaneによって 2007年01月06日(土)

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