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to be high, or stoned.
aww shit man, i'm gettin stizzed tonight!
Anonymousによって 2003年02月11日(火)
dude thats pimp stizz!
eLeMeNt4LyFe 04によって 2003年10月04日(土)
Nice ass
Danm that shawty Gotta Firm Stizz
Polo3entによって 2010年08月30日(月)
noun. An arrogant, conceited jock who's main concern is getting some; a sex addict; one who likes to hook up/ have sex with as many girls as possible.
Eric hooked up with 5 girls in one night and had sex with 2! He's the stizz!
Georgina McLovinによって 2008年01月12日(土)
Beyond being stealthy. Can also be an answer to any question.
(Created by Karif Osazuwa of Boston MA)
bob: "yo how'd you do that?"
jim: "Stizz"
bob: "Hey.. you were just at home.. how did you get to the store before me?:
Jim: "Stizz"
Karif Osazuwaによって 2005年03月03日(木)
a form of language
whizznuts izznup (whats up)
NiNiによって 2003年12月16日(火)

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