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Noun: The state of getting buck nekkid without warning or forethought - often in a group setting, by choice and under the influence of alcohol. Derived from "nudity" and "spontaneity"
One minute we were all drinking, the next I was getting the red eye from Sean, the master of spontanudity.
Fenderama!によって 2006年11月14日(火)
when someone suddenly decides to rapidly take off all clothes and become naked for no reason.
"spontaneous + nudity"
Guy 1: There she was, one moment she had clothes, the next, she was completely naked! It was crazy!

Guy 2: Spontanudity, man!
SRQ997によって 2011年09月14日(水)
Spontaneous nudity, surprise nakedness, sudden undressing.

You would use this word to describe a situation wherein you are, for example, at one second enjoying a pleasant conversation and washing your feet in the shower and the next thing you know all of your fleshy bits are out and someone has you bent over the soap dish. This sudden burst of nakedness could be a testament to the one removing your clothing (they are very smooth and have you from done-up to undone in 3.5 seconds). Or it could simply be gaps in memory related to alcoholism that prevent you from remembering the awkward fumbling that actually did take place. 11/10 times it will be the latter.

Spontanudity is majestic and satisfying in inexplicable ways and has been scientifically proven to make sex seem 127% better than it might otherwise be.

However, poorly executed attempts at spontanudity can result in an irrecoverable loss of pride and lifelong social shame.
Boring girl: My boyfriend and I made some sweet, tender love last night in a bed covered with roses. How romantic!!
Cooler girl: Stop speaking now. That sounds simply attrocious and I feel very sorry for you. I had a great night out with the mates which culminated in a passionate bout of spontanudity
Boring girl: My sex life is a joke.
BeRightBackによって 2013年04月01日(月)
the act of being spontaneously nude
"Our honeymoon was full of spontanudity. We did it on the bed, in the shower, even on the front lawn"
Britnoseによって 2015年04月20日(月)

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