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A term used to describe when you are 'chilling' most commonly used by gangsters or hipsters
Bernie:Yo man, wot you doin today?
Cliff:Just sloshin
Bernie:Sounds swell, what even
Jemmadannyclaireによって 2012年07月11日(水)
Whille engaging in sexual activity one or both of the participants are fat,and their belly begins to jiggle/wiggle/slosh(sloshin') around;like waves crashing on the shore.
Although Michael was in very good shape his girlfriend Megan was "SLOSHIN'"
Tiffnyによって 2008年09月13日(土)
to lounge, to hang out
What're you up to?

Nothing much, I'm just sloshin around the house.
miss marilyn monroeによって 2008年12月16日(火)