A member of one of one of the following ethnicities: Russians, Ukrainians (AKA Rusyns or Ruthenians), Belarusians (AKA Byelorussians), Serbs, Montenegrins, Croats, Bosniaks, Czechs, Gorani, Sorbs (AKA Wends or Lusatians), Slovenes, Czechs, Macedonian Slavs, Slovaks, Poles, Bulgarians.

Generally considered to exclude minorities such as Jews, Roma, Turks, Germans, Albanians and Magyars who reside within Slavic-majority countries.
Not all Eastern Europeans are Slavs: Magyars, Romanians, Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians are not.
globetrotter2011によって 2011年03月23日(水)
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A person ethnically belonging to 1 of the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo etc. No one knows much about their origins but they spread in 4 directions. Although they differ they do share attributes such as similar languages, looks and personalities. Many Slavs are good-looking, some especially in Russia and former Yugoslavia have mixed Asian/Turkic/Nordic blood.
Journalist: Roman Abramovich shows the will of a Slavic man
Russian: Abramovich is a Jew
Journalist: No, he's Russian
Russian: Ok, whatever...
Kralyaによって 2006年10月14日(土)
Slavs are a race that existed since the ancient times. The name "slav" came from the word "slava", which means glory.
Slavs rule a big part of the world.
Za dom spremniによって 2005年08月24日(水)
member of slabic nationality or descent who holds mystical erotic powers.
"Holy crap Stevan is one hunk of man-slav"
Steva Miloによって 2003年11月04日(火)
1. Rulers of the world, smartest people in the world and probably the most ancient people to ever exist.
2. Polish, Russian, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and more.
3. The ones who fuck your girlfriend and/or mother while you sleep.
1. Wow those slavs really are something.
2. They are slavs
3. Ya, my girlfriend got fucked by a slav, couldn't help but being stimulated by his gargantuan penis.
HRVATISLAVによって 2006年04月26日(水)
A group of people originating in the Dnieper area. The 'Dnieper river' runs through Ukraine.
They spread as far east as the Urals, as far south as the Bulgars, as far west as Slovakia, and as far north as Siberia.
They can be seen with the highest Slavic % of blood in areas near central Ukraine, unlike places such as Yucogslavia where they integrated with mediterranians and turkic peoples.
It is said that 300 million Slavs live in Europe, with many of them migrating to western countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, ect. during the past 2 centuries.
In these places, a Slav is generally very proud of their background and language, but they are known for their good-looks, with some exceptions.
Slav In a western society: a normal person (generally attractive with high cheek bones and a firm brow), someone who is intelligent, and generally a little too proud or stubbourn.
Sascha1243によって 2008年02月24日(日)
an ancient culture that came from the nearer east, and are close to thracians. countries like; russia, slovenia, croatia, serbia, kazahstan, poland, ukraine are all said to be slavistic culture.
the 'slav' culture, a reason why slavistic cultures should help eachother, croatia n serbia!
MCsoyによって 2005年04月05日(火)
In general, the Slavs are violent, and inclined to aggression. If not for the disharmony amongst them, caused by the multiplication of factions and by their fragmentation into clans, no people could mach their strength. They inhabit the richest limits of the lands suitable for settlement, and most plentiful in means of support. The Slavs possibly come from the near east, who were Sarmatian tribes such as Hrvati or Serboi. These tribes travlled to present day Poland and the Serb tribes settled on the lands of Germany Poland, while the Hrvati established a Chrobatian state in the area around Poland's Krakow. During the 6 or 7th century some of these peoples migrated to the south as an invitation from the Byzantine emperor to help him in his fight against the avars. The slavs would later join avars and harass the Byzantine empire as well. There are other theories on the origin of slavs anothe rone includes that the slavs come from the lands of the balkans linking the name of macedonia to "motherland" other theories include Slavs origins between the marshes of Poland-Belarus, or the area between the Wisla and Dniepr.
SLAVS: Russian, Belarussia(white russian), Ukrainian(Little russian), Poland, Lusatian Sorbia(area where serbs settled long ago, now eastern Germany) Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia(& Hercegovina), Serbia (& Montenegro), Bulgaria and Macedonia.
Jaremaによって 2005年11月14日(月)


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