Stickers containg grafitti or any personal kind of tag.
Yo man check out thaose slaps on the dumpster!
g000oo00gle bobによって 2007年02月05日(月)
To randomly dismiss or "put down" something or someone disliked personally.

Slap for that guy wearing that hat.
HybridFlareによって 2005年06月20日(月)
a higher level of crackin
I cant wait to play this song in my car, it slaps!
Lisaによって 2005年02月23日(水)
loud music in cars
Man that car got that slap
Ferdによって 2003年12月11日(木)
music that sounds good, and has a very good melody
blood, this partys music is slappin
Anonymousによって 2003年03月30日(日)
Somethin like a pimp. To dominate, be very good. No one is better then you.
Don’t worry about what I am doing. I am SLAP at this game
Man I run this. I am SLAP on these streets.
Frank Zumoによって 2007年06月14日(木)
Acronym for Sex, Age, Location, and Pic. Commonly used as a question in internet chatrooms, since more and more people on the internet have pics making "ASL?" or "A/S/L?" outmoded.
A person enters chatroom, then another person asks...
TJによって 2005年03月12日(土)


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