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The most common occurance of shomitting usually happens after or during a heavy night of drinking. The excess alcohol causes the victim to power spew. As the abdominal muscles contract in an effort to expell all your stomach contents out your mouth, unfortunately this abdominal contraction also encourages any poop chambered in your chute to also be expelled at the same time....

Can also occur if you get food poisoning and suffer from IBS.
Jenny: I need to spew

John: I'll hold your hair back

Jenny: Aaaaaarrghhhhh

John: Holey shit, did you just shomit....that's disgusting.
Lenbotによって 2010年02月12日(金)
To throw up while shitting on the toilet or anywhere else.
"Hey uh Bill, I just took a shomit in your pillow case" exclaimed James.
PJによって 2003年07月26日(土)
To shit and vomit at the same time
After eating Chinese and two Cokes at the Klimax Klub, I had the sudden urge to shomit all over the place.
Jean-Claude van Dammeによって 2006年08月18日(金)
The definition of the word Shomits is taking a shit and vomiting at the same time.
He woke up 7:30 am Sunday morning after drinking a lot Saturday night. He started to take a shit and in the middle had to vomit, immediately following he continued shitting. Now that is what I call a serious case of the Shomits.
Mackinawによって 2013年06月10日(月)
The act of vomiting up feces after consuming it.
I just watched my dog shomit all over my new rug.
Ray Ray's teacherによって 2012年02月23日(木)
To shit and vomit at the same time, often as an expression of extreme disgust
That song was so bad i shomited
sir psychoによって 2005年01月11日(火)
A liquidy substance comprised of fecal matter(shit) and vomit. Generally this substance will be collected in a bucket, sealed, and allowed to ferment over a time of no less than 3 months.
One of these days that girl is going to piss me off so bad that I'm going to splatter a giant bucket of shomit all over her down comforter and the interior of her car.
Anty Dizzleによって 2009年01月26日(月)


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