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(Verb) To engage in shenanigans, antics, and silly, possibly deceitful, business.
I was shenaning.
#shenanigan #shenanigans #shenanery #shenanigals #shenanig
shenaning runnerによって 2010年06月10日(木)
short for shenanigans. used when people are too lazy to pronounce the whole word
what the shenans!?, what kind of shenans are you pulling here?

#shenanigans #shenan #she-nans #poop #crazy
hoevayによって 2007年11月22日(木)
Biff, Rocky, and Vito were up to their old shenan tonight
Sparkiによって 2003年07月29日(火)
A man's name - after a Great Indian Warrior in the Shenandoah Region.
Shenan, the Warrior was mis-led by his mother to his down fall.
Bob Hanksによって 2003年12月18日(木)

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