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the pimp of the school
He is such a sebas with all those girls on him
IsaacG.によって 2005年01月21日(金)
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The word god should be replaced by Seba everytime it is used in the exemple bellow.
OMS (Oh my Seba) instead of OMG (Oh my God)
Frenchによって 2003年05月20日(火)
A name that is given to girl that leaves a cute aura on you. This aura is an after-effect of talking to her, because she is the cutest girl EVER. You will probably fall in love with her.
1_ That girl left a cute sensation on me. her name must be seba.

2_ I love that girl. her name must be seba.
-\MITB/-によって 2008年10月10日(金)
super delerius basterd (wich sleeps a lot)
They live I sleep
Anonymousによって 2003年10月14日(火)
Meaning someone pittyfull, stupid and not liked. Can be also used as a degenerate word, like asshole.
You stupid Seba!
Don't mind him. He's just a Seba.
I'd have to be Seba to do such a stupid thing.
Grxによって 2004年04月14日(水)
Probably the worst name in the world. Most people of that name are brainless shitheads.
Seba, Seba... You butthole.
Dordogneによって 2004年04月14日(水)


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