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A scrag and a slut in one package!
Look at that fucken dirty scrut!
Dr. A K Continによって 2003年08月22日(金)
to eat like a pig
Im gunna go to the fridge and scrut.
ShmoopyPoopyによって 2009年02月28日(土)
When the word "chav" is too commonly used, one must use the word "scrut". similar meaning but used more in disgust at the "female of this species" when they wear clown paint and think it looks good with the roots they cant afford to dye this month and the "gold" they got from a 20p turn machine, which all in all, makes them look like the slutty, minging, delusional tramps they really are.
This pub is full of scuts, lets go.
i'm hungryによって 2003年05月28日(水)
Noun; A low life person, usually with multiple non-running vehicles and or trash on their front lawn. Alcohol and drugs are synonymous with a "Scrut." Scruts are people with very little to no class, and are found in low-income areas.
"Take a look at that scrut over there... He's so trashed, he fell into his pyramid of beer cans."
Jimi Masonによって 2009年03月02日(月)
Scrut - (verb) to eat, especially when very hungry.
Scruts - (noun) food, especially good food.
I'm so hungry I'm gonna scrut like a pig when we get to the restaurant.

I hope they have some good scruts at the barbecue.
rshveydaによって 2009年09月08日(火)
1: the combination of a scrag and a slut

2: the sound you make if you say "screw it" too fast
1: "That bitch stole my boyfriend!! Little scrut!!"

2: (computer craps out) "Aw, scrut!!"
marysmによって 2010年06月03日(木)
Basically a term for sandwiches
I could go for a good scrut, this bacon scrut is nice
Fo' Shizzoによって 2004年11月24日(水)