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beyond all that is good
This movie was so good that i must make a new word:it was scrumtrulecent
thygodsaysによって 2003年04月17日(木)
something so extravagent and wonderful there is no other word to describe it!!!
The sunset was scrumtrulecent.
Turd Furgesonによって 2003年10月24日(金)
something that is better than super or extraordinary.
someone that is more then amazing.
to much for words.
"Yeah, that Jory kid, he's one scrumtrulecent son of a gun."
reidmiddleschoolによって 2008年04月01日(火)
anything uncomprehendingly amazing
And the performance was so scrumtrulecent, I can barley move..
THE James Liptonによって 2007年12月19日(水)
A snooty way of saying something is great and/or tasty.
The beluga caviar was scrumtrulecent.
Danによって 2003年12月25日(木)