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A really fast runner who is from New York, supposedly the Bronzx area. Suprisingly, he's not black.
Scout: Yo sup mah homie gee's wanna go cap some intelz?1

Pyro: *muffled, in-coherent reply*

Several battles later:

Scout: I got it, I got it, I got it!
*Gets backstabbed by a fellow spy*

Pyro: *semi in-coherent request for help*
GeeZeeによって 2008年01月05日(土)
1. Steyer Scout, a short (19") barreled sniper rifle, generally fires a 7.62x51mm "NATO" round. Released in 1998 in Las Vegas NV gun show, made in Austria by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co.

2. The above mentioned gun in Counter-Strike, used by more experienced players and considered to be a rite of passage for snipers.
I got scouted again! I wish I could scout people!
Captain Neatomanによって 2004年10月18日(月)
A character class in the Valve game Team Fortress 2, characterized by being the fastest runner and his ability to push carts or capture points at a rate of two men. The Scout character is a young man from Boston that lived with a mom (his father is unknown, but the 'Meet the Spy' video suggests the father might be the Spy) and 7 older brothers. The Scout sounds and looks a lot like the TV pitchman Vince Offer.
Some Scout quotes:
'Aw, jeez!'
'Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people.' (From the 'Meet the Scout' video.)
'What the hell was THAT crap?'
'Wave goodbye to your secret crap, dumbass!'
DJ 3によって 2012年07月16日(月)
The Scout is an Offensive class is the game of TF2, and is from Boston, Massachusetts. His job is to quickly attack enemies, capture points faster and grab the intel faster than the eye can see.
Scout: *after winning another game* "Bang. I make it look easy"
TF2manによって 2012年03月31日(土)
The smartest, coolest kid ever.
He's just like a Scout.
NameChangerによって 2009年03月22日(日)
a girl who is amazingly hot and will surprise you in many ways. she loves to get down and dirty and is popular and a great friend.
hey look she must be a scout.
Doug Meowによって 2011年12月12日(月)
An quick, offensive, character in the FPS, TF2, or Team Fortress 2. Scout is quite the comedian. He is know for being a (health-wise) weak character, but is known for running the fastest out of all the characters in Team Fortress 2. He is never seen without his trademark headphones, ear-piece, back strap, dog tags, and wrappings around his hands. A big baseball fan, he is, as stated before, never seen without his baseball cap. He also uses a baseball bat as a melee weapon. Scout is a bit of a cocky character, but he it just makes him funnier than he already is.
Medic:"Scout, you look hurt. Need some healing?"

Scout: "Naw, man. I'm capping that objective! I'm out!" *runs away quickly*

Medic: "Oh dear..."
Saber Hayabusaによって 2013年12月10日(火)