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the best boyfriend ever in the whole wide world. hes sexy and has the best personality ever, hes everything uve ever dreamed of! :)
scottules is that best boyfriend!!!
erin...of courseによって 2003年09月17日(水)
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hurcules! Nah he doesn't even compare to the Scottules. He's a madman/ machine, so move aside hurcs'
dazzaによって 2003年09月19日(金)
Corolla Power
When we think scottules, we think Corolla. The quickest car in the burbs, you see this "jet" coming, you get out of the way!
New Guyによって 2003年09月18日(木)
Who would bother with this?? It is so lame.
Scottules is a lamer with to much time on his hands.
Carlyによって 2003年09月22日(月)
the champions of all champions.
Mattyによって 2003年09月20日(土)
immature person who likes whatching Finding Nemo and spends to much time playing with themself and has disorder with downloading porn
Timmyによって 2003年09月19日(金)
Totally rad dude
Mitch likes Scottules
scottulesによって 2003年09月17日(水)

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