The act of swiftly taking off a condom, typically in one smooth motion.
I had to fake it so I Schlooped and threw the rubber hat behind the bed.
buttdaveheadによって 2014年05月01日(木)
A circular, curvaceous blob. Can also be used as a verb: schlooping.

Origin: Jewish painter
I like the shape the of those schloops.

The texture is schlooping.
TheOnlyJuanによって 2013年11月13日(水)
Beyond awesome and extremely badass
That's so schloop, it's ridiculous!
The Ladue Crewによって 2007年10月28日(日)
The act of placing a uncircumcised penis over the shaft of a regular penis and jacking of the two together with the foreskin on the uncircumcised penis. Also referred to as "docking"
Hey dude, do you know of any Mexican buddies that we can schloop with?
Schlooperによって 2010年10月22日(金)
sucking up the frozen coke that comes out the top of the cap.
"The frozen coke came out the top of my cap, so i gave it a little schloop"
Steve Carleyによって 2007年06月18日(月)
The distinctive sound made at the point of entry during sex.
"A little kiss, a little drink and SCHLOOP in the pink"
Nabuyagaによって 2008年11月05日(水)
to have sex or tap that

I'm gonna schloop that tonight.
The Ladue Crewによって 2007年10月28日(日)