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A frilly man thong.
He was wearing a 'Sammie' - so hot. I practically had an orgasm!
Lick.My.Chickによって 2009年05月06日(水)
A Sandwich
I'm hungry...Want a sammie?
Mr. Body Massage Machineによって 2003年09月11日(木)
A nick-name for Samantha. If your name is Sammie, you're most likely a blonde chick, with a big heart, but also a big attitude. Sammies are outgoing and friendly, occasionally. Mostly, they are bitchy and cold, mean, but not cruel. They can be a real pain in the ass, but everyone around them adores their witty jokes and intelligence. You should be proud to be a Sammie, and if you aren't, be jealous.
Pheobe: Wow, were you guys at Sammie's party last night? It was totally crazy!

Adrian: Yeah, that chick is insane!

Theresa: Don't you wish you were a Sammie?
Sammie lurves Adrianによって 2011年03月26日(土)
The most beautiful girl I know. She is perfect in all aspects of beauty,and intelligence. And you would be lucky to meet such a girl named Sammie
Adrian:"Hey Nick I heard you are dating Sammie"
Nick:"Yep, I'm one lucky guy"
iamsocoolによって 2005年05月04日(水)