(noun) The old men who walk around public locker rooms in the nude with their saggy ball sacks all over. Plural form: Saggies
Pool Goer 1: yo did you see that saggy? His sack was dragging on the floor.

Pool Goer 2: yeah yo this steam room is like a breeding ground for saggies.
lord farkwadによって 2008年05月01日(木)
That feeling when you can't really be bothered with anything and are generally feeling low
I'm feeling saggy today
lineytによって 2008年01月27日(日)
a really nasty word !
i like saggy boobs so seksheeee
mudda fugggaaによって 2003年04月23日(水)
An extremely homosexual person
You're such a saggy
seanによって 2003年12月12日(金)


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