Anything(cars, apparel, instruments, bags, music, etc.) that originated in the 60s to 80s; the golden oldies
In the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy", all the music is retro.

*Im a retro person even though I was born in 2002.
#records #vinyls #the golden oldies #60s #70s #80s
scullscanによって 2015年07月16日(木)
anally retentive, self important, blind to how stupid they are
Im a cock gobbling monster - give me your cock to gobble or Ill ban you from p2p cos I'm retro the un-powerfull
#retro #anal #p2p #kiddiot #cockmonster
n00bomaticによって 2011年05月22日(日)
A person (man or woman) who does not trim or shave their public area. The term "retro" tends to elicit mental imagery of hirsute 70s porn stars.
"I went to go down on this hot girl, but had to stop when I couldn't find the goods through her bush. Damn, she was retro."
#pubic hair #bush #hygiene #crotch #penis #vagina #hairy #hirsute #natural
Mike N. Ikesによって 2009年08月17日(月)
going backwards or in reverse, back to a previous era in style or appearance; from the Sputnik-Space Race Era ... retro rockets, firing retro rockets enabled a space craft to break orbit and return to the gravitational pull of the earth for re- entry
Now firing retro rockets. Roger, Mission Control!
Frankie & Johnnyによって 2005年04月08日(金)
When someone calls out and notices something randomly amazing. They usually say this at a time of disuse because it didn't make any sense.

When a person says something that was not meant to be said, but it was better off that way.
Steph: Omigod, Gary look at this text my bf sent me, it says "go fuck yourself in a hotel room with a bunch of niggers watching." Oop, wrong text!!

Gary: Ohhh, that is soooooooooooooooo retro.
#retro #gay #niggers #hotel #room #text
UndeniableRetardによって 2009年04月19日(日)
Anything pulled of the 80's era.
"His parachute pants are so retro"
D. Ferrelによって 2003年09月29日(月)
In the Ghetto hood where ballas are sometime go for da style of old school. like ben wallace from nba wit the fro
the new retro jerseys are sold out
|1|T-Macによって 2003年08月20日(水)

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