Most used by 'traesko' on IRC, quakenet. But it is very common in nature. Example tigers or lions use it most frequently.
So that chick walked right past me, and I was like, rawrr.
traeskoによって 2004年09月29日(水)
Risk Assessment With Risk Reduction ~ Phrase coined as the basis of being aware, understanding, and applying safe practices to reduce risks.
They practice RAWRR when they do certain activities.
Ciganyによって 2013年04月26日(金)
means i want to fuck you in dinosaur.
"holy rawrr you look hot tonight."
lemmiwinklesによって 2008年05月19日(月)
Stolen from Traesko, Frag52954 uses this quite commonly.
Frag52954によって 2004年10月20日(水)
commonly mispelled word. the real word is roar
Carly says rawrr alot! But Dasoul, her bestfriend, told her no, it is actually roar!
DKO123によって 2010年09月25日(土)
the uncool way of saying "roar"
Carly: Dasoul, your so cool! rawrr!
Dasoul: Thanks Carly! but it is roar!
DKO123によって 2010年09月26日(日)

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