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A thinly rolled cigerette or joint.
The racehorse I had last night at the party blew me away.

Roll me up a racehorse and pass it up to me.
MAD ANGELによって 2005年08月12日(金)
a beautiful & attractive woman
Damn, look at that racehorse, isn't she fine
tuffpuffによって 2008年02月19日(火)
A person who entertains others by doing ridiculous things upon their request; a puppet.
"Hey Alexander Badgley, do that funny looking dance you do."
"No! I'm not your racehorse!"
Clammyhandsによって 2007年08月12日(日)
This is pretty much a hybird of a "Snow Mobile" and a "Hot Carl" first and foremost, when doing a your partner from behind, you knock their front arms and ride them on their face, much like a "Snow Mobile" but in this case, you take a tube sock full of poo poo, and whip your partner with it, kind of like how a jockey rides a Race Horse. YA! YA! YA!
Hey baby, you mind if we play Kentucky Durby? I'll be the jocky, and you'll be the "Race Horse"
revenkaiによって 2006年10月10日(火)