there are different levels (look at example). but still they all think that wateva they do iz a game
a playa has galz cumin 2 them all da tym he then uses these galz for some n then moves on 2 da next (this is a real playa aka ladies man)
another type iz when a normal boi uses a gal n then leaves her (this type dont usually av galz cumin 2 them they av 2 make da fist move lol)
there are also effed up playaz who iz really good at pretendin 2 be friendz even 2 their own gender for like borrowin money n stuff (im not a playa hater but this type i hate)
whodmanによって 2008年05月15日(木)
My ex..
whats real!!! my playa
Stacey--によって 2003年06月15日(日)
A simple alias used to address anyone, and if you have issues, anything.
What up playa?
Mauriceによって 2003年07月03日(木)
A person usually male who's really good at a game which is usually snap bingo jump rope or some such.
Dickie: playa you got a game.
Fredrick: Yes my home friend I got game get it hehe hehe.
Dickie: Shut the fuck up fool you gonna be a dead mofo soon.
[analwarts]によって 2003年05月06日(火)
Joey Basna
To be a playa is, in essence, to be Joey Basna; for Joey Basna is the epitome of playahood. Indeed, he is the paradigmatic playa.
Newmanによって 2003年12月14日(日)
someone why has 50 girls on his arm
dont be a playa hatah!
jessによって 2003年11月19日(水)
mah nigga chris.....
...Goddam PLAYA!!!...u got yerself anotha biotch....Goddam PLAYA!!!....GODDAM!!!!....hey...hook it up wit one uv dem numbers in yer jar PLAYA!!.....
Skeによって 2003年03月12日(水)