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a simple mix between dissapointed, and pissed off.

often happens when you lose something or it's stolen from you.
Ben: Oh my Lord!
Phil: Why Ben; whatever is the matter?
Ben: Oh, i just lost my, my, my pendrive!
Phil: Oh, oh oh dear!
Ben: Yeah - i'm reall pissapointed in myself.
Benkoによって 2005年10月31日(月)
Dissapointed and pissed off at the same time
I was pissapointed at how he behaved today
littlemushiによって 2009年05月16日(土)
pissed off and disapointed.
Im pissapointed that guy didnt show for that date...
Jade Marnie Watsonによって 2009年07月04日(土)