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Mock-pompous English greeting which conveys jocular familiarity on the recipient. Sometimes used in conjunction with "What ho!" and "Old bean" for maximum effect. Derived from PG Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster.
Edmund: All right, where is the malingering git?
George: Hello, Cap! Pip pip, Balders! Here I lie.
weaselnorrisによって 2004年05月09日(日)
Colloquial English phrase for goodbye
A: We'll be in touch. i'm just about to watch a recording of Arsenal smashing the shit out of wigan

B: Enjoy! Pip pip!
divine horsemenによって 2011年01月23日(日)
Another word for vagina
My poor pippip, its my time of the month
GusREPRESENTによって 2010年09月22日(水)