Net slang meaning "purple fog"; used to describe someone who exudes an aura of homosexuality.
You can't walk into that phoggy PlanetSide forum without turning gay, or at least bi.
Arelimによって 2006年08月04日(金)
16 8
Street name used to describe somebody who pimps, and does not "share the hoes."
Yo that dude be phogging man! As soon as I get my new caddy im gonna be the phog on the block, and all the hoes will be mine!
J2k7によって 2006年11月30日(木)
9 5
He is the "Pimp Hand of God".
He is the PHOG on this street.
Ordnanceによって 2007年03月22日(木)
5 3
A photo-blog, consisting primarily of photographs and descriptions by the phog owner.
Did you see that Ansel Adams updated his phog yesterday?
EclecticMunkによって 2009年09月21日(月)
1 1
A non-existent creature made up when I was stoned one day. Is a cross between a telephone and a canine.
"You are a complete idiot."
Mr. Stabによって 2004年07月02日(金)
9 10
An acronym for Phantom Owners Group. A paintball forum specifically created to discuss the CCI Phantom paintball marker.

Invented long before anything defining it as gays or pimps.
I was on PhOG earlier and saw an awesome upgraded marker, so I told the guy I will have to get those mods.
thecoolbluereasonによって 2010年05月02日(日)
0 2
an obsessive forum spammer, in denial about his spamming habits.
"you're such a phog."
"no i'm not!"
"denying it only proves i'm right."
Zatoziaによって 2006年08月05日(土)
4 8