a bunch of tools.
and so are the fans, who now must have "! at the disco" after their names as their myspace display names to be considered in the emo scene.
kid! at the disco - omgzzz hav u herd panic! at the disco!@(#$)@@!!!

cunt fuck - oh, yeah, doesn't one of their songs go something like
haven't you people ever heard of
shutting the motherfuck up?

kid! at the disco - omg ur a fag shut up!
#tools #assrammers #disemboweled corpses #bloody cunts #goddamn why won't they just shut the fuck up about fucking doors
cunt fuck.によって 2006年04月20日(木)
A Rock / Big Beat / Techno band, from Las Vegas.

The band has recently became very popular, with there cd "A fever you cant sweat out"

Band Members
Brendon - vocals/guitar/piano
Spencer - drums
Ryan - guitar/vocals
Jon - bass/vocals

Overall Panic! At the disco is a awesome band that everone likes. They may sound queer at times but there cool.
Markus - Panic at the disco suckzorz
All the cool kids - Go die Markus, and get a real name too.
#panic! at the disco #panic #at #the #disco
Jimmeh4000によって 2006年07月15日(土)
An awesome rock/pop/electronic/dance/emo band from Las Vegas. They named their band after a line from a song called "Panic" by Name Taken, which is a reference to the song "Panic" by The Smiths.
Pete Wentz signed them to his label Decaydance.
Originally formed by Spencer Smith and Ryan Ross. They then recruted Brendon Urie and Brent Wilson.
Popular thanks in-part to the internet.
Very well dressed.
I can't wait to see panic! at the disco, I heard they have an amazing live show
#p!atd #a fever you can't sweat out #brendon urie #spencer smith #ryan ross #brent wilson #pete wentz
stealacceptanceによって 2006年01月25日(水)
Panic! at the disco gives me hope and reinstills my faith in modern rock/popular music. I don't think we have heard something this fresh in 10 years.
Panic! at the Disco "Build God Then We'll Talk" lyric excerpt:

It's these substandard motels on the lalalalala, quarter of Fourth and Fremont Street,Appealing only because they are just that unappealing, Any practiced Catholic would cross themselves upon entering
#panic #at #the #disco #rock #pop #emo #music
Bagtag, the Often Violent Magicianによって 2006年07月15日(土)
An awesome band hailing from Las Vegas who get a lot of crap for their quick rise to fame and for having fans who haven't followed them since they started out.

People, get a life. Just because people haven't been fans since they played for food or whatever doesn't mean they're poseurs. Since when did bands start out not to get popular? What idiot says 'Hey, let's start a band and make sure we never get signed and earn money for doing what we love?'
Evil Anti Poseur - Oh My god! You only got into Panic! At The Disco recently. You're so poseur. Go listen to something else!

#panic! #at the disco #emo #music #hated
Majin...によって 2006年09月29日(金)
1) The act of panicing at a disco.

2) A pop rock band that sounds a lot like Fall Out Boy Known for having long and strange song titles that have nothing to do with the lyrics.
Panic! At The Disco.
There is panicing at the disco right now.
#fall out boy #pop #rock #long #emo
1069によって 2006年09月20日(水)
an amazingly talented band of 19-20 year olds, there is 4 members of the band. even though the band has only been formed for around 2 and a half years, one band member has left, and they gained another, and they have become as popular as fall out boy. Panic! At The Disco are loved by many 12-18+ year olds but others disagree, calling them 'scene' which they are OBV not, there is no such thing as a scene band, as scene means 'in fashion', it makes no sense because they just wanted to play music, if they wanted to be scene they would be walking down catwalks, not spreading their musical talents, SO THEY ARE NOT SCENE.

People may say they are only so popular with teens because they are good looking, no - or else fans wouldnt have bought the album they would have just bought a poster with them on to look at.
the album is to LISTEN to.

though some sceners will listen to them to look cool, as Panic! are individual and they want to look individual.

panic themselves and in their music are NOT scene, they are legends already, and they havnt even been out that long!
true fan: heres the panic! at the disco album you asked to borrow.

scener: oh, i only wanted to picture of ryan ross inside it.
#panic! #at #the #disco #brendon
:) rosieによって 2007年04月01日(日)

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