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noun - a term used to describe multiple pounds of any street drug, especially marijuana. Five pounds of marijuana equals a 5 pack.
Buyer: You doin any good over there?

Dealer: Yeah, I just picked up a five pack of kill.
#elbow #lbs #pound #kill #marijuana
Tru-damieによって 2006年08月24日(木)
Drug dealer slang for 20 dollar bags of coke
i'll be gone till november i got packs to move
#packz #pack #packies #packets #yayo
Tonedef1によって 2005年11月23日(水)
Verb. Filling the bowl of a pipe with marijuana.
"I got the new bag of pot so you can pack it"
Monica Catherine Zummerによって 2005年02月16日(水)
Striking a brand new pack of cigarettes against the palm in order to compress the tabacco towards the butt in the cigarettes for easy lighting.
What the fuck man, I cant get this fag lit didn't you pack it?
#cigarettes #packing #smoking #cancer #fag
Ursirussによって 2006年08月06日(日)
to carry a weapon
SHe thinks the shit is gonna hit the fan so she's gonna pack.

balisong42によって 2003年08月23日(土)
Slang term for an insult., noun
Term used to signal the start of a verbal altercation. Ussually initiated by clapping hands together and directing forefingers toward your opponent.
Baltimore Slang term used to define an insult, usually one-up'ed by giving someone "the meal"
Jon:I'm definatly about to pack you up!
#pack #packed #packed-up #pack battle #pac man
Red171によって 2009年07月12日(日)
to make fun of , such as clothing , appearance , ect.
yoo , i'm ' bout to pack you with that dingy ass aeropostale shirt on
#packing #packed #make fun of #paack #pac
kay .によって 2011年05月18日(水)

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