Original Wankster. The opposite of an OG.
Yo that kid is a straight up OW wearing that south pole sweater.
#orginial #wankster #ow #gangster #wankstar.
mgrizzayによって 2008年03月31日(月)
Used to describe a female ("Other Woman") whom you definitely prefer not to think about when 'referencing' them to your family, friends, co-workers or acquaintances as the person your boyfriend or husband left you for or is sleeping with. Can also apply if you're a gay or a bi-sexual female and another woman is sleeping with your past/current partner or lover.
"I cannot BELIEVE that he/she had the nerve to show up with that fucking OW at the party last night!"
#other woman #aw #lover #husband #boyfriend #girlfriend #partner #slut #whore #bitch #cunt
StephanBerによって 2009年12月17日(木)
A chatboard on the popular neopets.com website. Also known as "Other Worlds".

OW went through many changes including, after a time, the arrival of homeless EMSers (of the EMS) when The Neopets Team decided to nuke it. It was then brought back after much protest from the natives. Many OWers followed their new friends to EMS flitting between the two. Then in an annoying twist of fate The Neopets Team nuked the board responsible for spontaneous eye bleeds GENERAL CHAT! Evil... With this many of these little eye bleeders rolled into both OW and EMS causing head explosions and un-pirately eye poppery in their wake. Many OWers weren't too bothered and left, some poping on occasionally for nostalgia. Unfortunately the EMS took the worst blow and is still brain meltingly scary to this day.

Nowadays the OW different place. But, with a bit of magic and a copy of MS paint, maybe OW can once again be a place of tasteful humour, high fantasy and general silliness? Where's Adam when you need him eh!
Remember when we used to chat in OW?

I'm leaving the OW!

King of OW? What a load of rubbish!

Can you make me a castle on the OW map? I want a pink dragon too!

I wish TNT would change OWs image to the Island Native, he rocked!
#ow #reg #neopets #chatboard #forum #regs #oldreg #ower
.VMによって 2007年11月12日(月)
Oral (sex) With (condom). As advertised by escorts offering more than a friendly massage. (As opposed to owo)
Likes: Kissing, Love Making, OW
Dislikes: A-Level, CIM, water-sports
synerrによって 2003年08月25日(月)
East Coast Maori frequently used this as a substitute for many words like mate, friend, fellow, cousin, bro etc.
Kuzzy1: Sup ow what chu up to?
Kuzzy2: Nafing aye just chillin
Kuzzy1: ow stink why u don't come kick it at da pub
Kuzzy2: Nah I'm not coming with you ow u suck
#maori #hori #mean #hardout #chur #ow #new zealand #aotearoa
jawmalawm24によって 2008年03月21日(金)
Acronym for "oh, well".
<@omega|pengYou> btw: what does "ow" stand for according to you?
<@omega|C4> its oh, but then with a W
<@omega|pengYou> ow
<@omega|pengYou> well, i use it as acronym for "oh, well"
pengYouによって 2004年05月19日(水)

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