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To shun one away from the rest of a group
We should ostracise Compton the Salesman for trying to be funny but instead revealing that hes an idiot.
thebeaverによって 2005年07月22日(金)
To find and place an ostrich in a strategic logcation that inevitably lead to its attacking an enemy
We should ostracize her, but first we need to find an ostrich
#ostracize #ostrichise #ostrichize #oztrasize #oztrasise
fireguy2513によって 2007年08月03日(金)
An exercise program for ostriches.
Carl the ostrich ordered his ostracizing tapes off of an infomercial he saw last Tuesday.
Compton Computer Salesmanによって 2005年04月10日(日)
Alexander Higgins, a free sample hating bastard
"Ostracize him, he hates free samples"
#ostracize #free #sample #alex #alexander
Atarus Starによって 2007年03月28日(水)
to have erotic sex using multiple different 'toys' such as hand cuffs, whips, chains, birch rods, ect.
"I am gonna ostracize your mom."
#fuck #sex #bang #exotic #taylor
Tiger Lillyによって 2007年11月18日(日)

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