used as a slang term for a retard
stop being such an opa hannah.
filmer101によって 2011年05月02日(月)
something to say when you see a bellydancer at a restaurant; normally followed by the act of flinging loads of cash at her.
"I love this restaurant honey, it's so romantic...."

"only the best for you on our anniversary, WHOA, OPA OPA OPA!!!!!!!!, sorry honey, I got distracted, where was I?"
one party animal; used as a greeting to call the Army of Skanks
When a skank sees a fellow skank respond with "OPA".
KKKKCCSSJDによって 2007年03月26日(月)
yo those sneakers is hot. OPA!
amandaによって 2003年08月17日(日)
Swedish Counter-Strike clan founded in 2001
SpinTacによって 2003年10月12日(日)


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