To be fresh out of your favorite herbal smoke. In a waterpipe or a bowl, when it is finished, it needs to be kicked or narfed.
This shit is narfed, clap it and pack it again.
mikey vによって 2006年01月18日(水)
1) One who plays Dungeons and Dragons

2) An action to signify victory in Dungeons and Dragons

1) Look at that narf playing with his die.

2) I narfed the High Warlord
roofus43141によって 2006年04月02日(日)
When a person partakes in the act of puking.
I sampled her snack bar and narfed.
snoelによって 2005年02月28日(月)
1. one who resembles a turtle.
2. someone under the age of 15, and has a moustache & beard with patches of missing hair in it.
3. a person with facial deformities, as a result of their mothers abusing drugs while pregnancy.
4. a word that suggests "fooling around."
"damn, girl, look at that narf!"
jennによって 2005年03月24日(木)
Fucking retard
Jasmine: get away from me you narf
Me: thanks
babygirllove001によって 2014年08月11日(月)