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Corrido stands for ballad, and narco, of course, involve drugs.
Kind of gangstarap alla mexicana, wich means that in fact it's 'gangstamariachi'.
The songs, based on polkas and waltzes, feature lyrics backed by accordions and brass bands.
Narco corridos, had spread to California, Texas, Nevada, Florida and other places with large Hispanic populations (Colombia, El Salvador, etc).
Rosalino "Chalino" Sanchez is the Tupac of narco corrido.
See CSI Vegas, ep 512.
Stan 357によって 2005年05月12日(木)
Literally translated it means "drug ballad", though not all narcocorridos are about drugs. Corridos have long described the poor and destitute, bandits and other criminals, as well as illegal immigrants to the United States, but the focus is on drug smugglers.
Narcocorridos often refer to particular people, events, and specific dates that tell a story. The groups that have become famous for "narcocorridos" include Los Alegres de Teran, Los Tigres del Norte, Rosalino "Chalino" Sanchez, Los Huracanes del Norte, Los Inquietos Del Norte, Los Morros Del Norte, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Los Amos De Nuevo Leon, Los Cuates De Sinaloa, El Potro de Sinaloa, Los Originales de San Juan, Grupo Exterminador, Tigrillo Palma, Beto Quintanilla, Los Gatos de Sinaloa, Los Canelos de Durango, and Los Razos de Sacramento y Reynaldo.
Examples of some narcocorridos would be:

"El Contrabando del Paso." by Los Alegres de Teran.

"Contrabando y Traicion", "Los Tres Gallos", "La Camioneta Gris", and "La Mafia Muere." by Los Tigres del Norte.

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