1) A term used by Don Imus to describe the Rutger's women's basketball team, later fired by the Central Broadcasting System after a PC tirade led by Al Sharpton.

2) The result of an explosion in a Brillo pad factory.
That college team of African American women look to be quite the lot of nappy headed hoes.

That college team of Anglo Saxon American women look to be quite the lot of nappy headed hoes.

That college team of Asian American women look to be quite the lot of nappy headed hoes.

That college team of neanderthalic cavewomen look to be quite the lot of nappy headed hoes.

That college team of assexual, non-race specific robots look to be quite the lot of nappy headed hoes.
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sux0rによって 2007年04月16日(月)
Top Definition
Female basketball player at Rutgers University.
They got tattoos; those are some nappy headed hos.
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d_Imusによって 2007年04月09日(月)
What can get a white guy fired from his talk show!!!
Them some nappy headed hoes on the Rutgers team.
#nappy #hoes #imus #fired #double standard
mmoshhernyによって 2007年04月12日(木)
a member of the rutgers womens basketball team
look at all the tatooes she has...yeah, she's just an old nappy headed ho.
#ho #nappy head #nappy headed #woman #rutgers
nappy headed hoによって 2007年04月10日(火)
An absolutely horrible, despicable, racist thing to call an individual. Unless, of course, you're black and then it's simply harmless slang for a woman with oily, unkempt hair.
Don Imus will be perpetually referred to as the guy who uttered a "racial slur" against the Rutgers women's bball team when he called them "nappy headed ho"s. Puzzlingly enough, none of the words in this phrase have anything to do with race. But, hey, since when did minor details like that get in the way of the media's campaign to constantly aggravate racial tensions in the name of selling news?
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FigurinOutLifeによって 2007年12月19日(水)
A slang name for members of the 2007 championship women's Ruckers basketball team. First coined by the legendary shock jock Don Imus. Although mainstream media dubbed it as a racist remark it is really used as a more general term to describe broke-down bitches of all races. Misunderstanding that by using the term "Nappy Headed" Imus was merely making reference to the players unkept appearance not there black heritage and that with the word "ho" he was simple making reference to them as women and not prostitutes the media lead by Al Sharpton embarked on a witch hunt to ruin his career. This statement proved to be costly for Imus because he ended getting fired from both CBS & NBC over the incident.
1. Did Imus say nappy headed hoes, I think he should have said nappy headed bro cause these half these chicks have more facial hair then my grandpa.
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JesusChristSrによって 2007年04月12日(木)
According to Imus, these are the woman who play for the woman's basketball team at Rutgers.
It looks like the nappy headed ho's have tattoos all over their bodies.
#nappy #afro #fro #ho's #rutgers
Deborah Liberatoreによって 2007年04月09日(月)
A colored female. Characteristics include a mammoth and high set ass, a propensity for shuffling along sidewalks three abreast making passing an impossiblity with the enormous asses, a low IQ and a propensity for swearing, being loud, emotional, dramatic and volatile. Also known for impassioned claims that aptitude tests (pronounced "aptitute tests") are "racist assed mutha fuckas".
Look at that nappy headed ho!
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William Fontaine Jr.によって 2007年04月25日(水)

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