something that's cool
The word originated in Hackney, London. Specifically Kingsland Secondary School (now sadly gone).
The word is a direct product of one Nang Phan, an ex-student of KS. It came about through boys in years above her chiding "ahh, Nang you're nang". It caught on like wildfire from there.
Nang's Best Friendによって 2003年08月11日(月)
when something is good
that car is nang
lolaによって 2003年06月27日(金)
means wicked, good,cool, sweet.. etc etc
last night was so nang
loodieによって 2004年07月09日(金)
Good or great
"This tune is nang!"
Char'Leeによって 2003年06月07日(土)
Nang: Really cool.
Comes from London. Used by a varitiy of people.
"You look nang in that dress!"
"That film was nang!"
Redmonxによって 2005年07月21日(木)
'Man, that song is NANG!'
SHEvilによって 2003年08月10日(日)
Another way of saying cool, wicked, etc. Has many derivities.
Oh that movie was so nang!
Dreamyによって 2005年03月29日(火)


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