My super Sweet 16 is a pointless reality show on MTV where stuck-up cunts get to have the birthday party of their dreams. The show always plays out the same, some spoiled bitchy girl gets to have a ridiculous birthday party, which costs hundred of thousands of dollars, and the girl still bitches about the party. These girls and their parents should all be shot. These parents cave in to their daughters every demand, which makes these girls believe they are entitled to anything they want. These parents need to grow some balls and tell their daughters no, then when the girl freaks out they should tell her to shut the fuck up. These girls are the biggest cunts on the planet. These whores bitch and moan to their parents about how they are ruining there party, or about how it isn’t fair that they cant get some $70,000 car for there birthday. First off, it is impossible to ruin and $400,000 party, it just can't happen. Second, how is it not fair that they can’t get a $70,000 dollar car, a lot of people don't make $70,000 in a year you stupid skanks. There has not been a single girl on that show who has any clue what real life is like. I think a better reality show would be to drop these girls in Harlem and see how they do. The last thing that pisses me off about this show is how all of the other kids at the party adore these sluts. Watching these girls on TV makes me want to throw up, I don't know how anyone could scream and chant these girls names as they enter their parties. These girls need to understand that nobody actually likes them; they just want some of their money. If I am ever lucky enough to meet one of these bitches, I will kick the bitch square in the baby maker, and let them know how much everybody hates them. I hope that the bitch will die from injuries related to me kicking her, and then the world will be a better place.
Some things these whores say on my super sweet 16 are: "Today is all about me", "money is not a thing to me", "This is goint to make everybody even more jealos of me", "Dad, way to ruin my party".
i am called timによって 2006年05月13日(土)
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A "show" on MTV that showcases the 16th birthdays of different spoiled little preppy boys and girls that scream and yell at their parents when they don't get the $500,000 Hummer limo they wanted when they wanted to ride to their multi-million dollar party at a high-class club in downtown full of other spoiled little boys and girls screaming at their bodyguards when they don't give them the drink they asked for, who follow around the birthday girl/boy (usually girl) when they yell at club employees to kick out people the birthday person just so happens to not like.

The show itself has no point, much like most of MTV's other programs. It just centers around the stupid little rich bitch that doesn't realize they're a fucking spoiled brat that only has a life, friends and clothes because of the ridiculous amounts of money their (very weak willed) parents shove in their face when the brats wanted something, which the parents also used to avoid parenting altogether and just make their little hellspawns shut the fuck up. They cry, they scream, they complain until they get what they want. The whole show the birthday person complains, asks for things that a middle-class person would have to save up for years to get, and laughs at people who can't go to their party. The whole time the birthday person crys because they think the party is going to turn out horrible because they aren't getting all of what they want, but it eventually does turn out "ok" for them, and they can go home that night satisfied that they spent over a million dollars on a party that no one with a real life gave a shit about.
Jennifer: "OHMYGOSH IT'S SO MY BIRTHDAY! I'm going to invite, like, 100 of my friends to go to this club! It's going to cost, like, I don't know, half a million dollars or something, but who cares?! It's not MY money!"

*Jennifer and her mother go to a store to get a dress*

Mother: "How about this dress, dear?"


*at the party*

Jennifer: "Um, what is THAT girl doing here? Bodyguard guy, kick her out! NOW! She's making my party all...ewwww!! NOW! GO! Useless ape."

Pretty much all episodes are like this on My Super Sweet 16.
Ryan McGinnisによって 2005年08月21日(日)
A disturbing reality show on MTV. It's where wealthy parents will spend between $250,000-$500,000 on some birthday party for their barely teenage daughters. The parents should be in jail for child abuse. Seriously.
Don't blame the kids. Blame the ridiculously weak parents!
KleWdSideによって 2005年05月15日(日)
A new MTV show that documents nouveaux riche girls' 16th birthdays, with parties costing upwards of $300,000. A truly staggerring display of bad taste, eyewateringly expensive but ultimately pointless birthday celebrations, and ruined kids. Pathetically docile parents come standard, B-list rock band a $60,000 option. Seeing My Super Sweet Sixteen can be best compared to witnessing a freight train hitting a bus full of children or watching a suicide bombing unfold.
If these girls were in the Bitch Olympics, they'd be disqualified for bad sportsmanship.
Hans Blixによって 2005年08月28日(日)
A pointless piece of crap, shown on a pointless piece of crap channel (MTV), which depicts the failed dreams of every barbie doll in the world. Mummy and Daddys "little princess" atempts to throw The best party in the world ever. She gets what she wants, when she wants, and still complains because she wants more. nothing is good enough for this spoilt little brat, as she drags her helpless mother round the most expensive shops in town, and moans that the dress doesn't show off her underage boobs enough. She then spends $500 on a haircut that looks like it was cut by a hedge trimmer, then blow dried by a tornado. The Girls easy going father, hasnt got a clue how to raise his child, and believes the only way to get her to love him is by spending ridiculous amounts of money on a fancy limo, and hiring the best night club there is. The girl invites everyone she knows, who just found out they really liked her, not because shes really rich, and can get them almost anything they desire, but because...well, they just, do. So Everyone from school is invited, that is except for the people who she doesnt likes (i.e. anyone who poses a threat to her popularity, or is better looking, or doesn't kiss her arse enough)And anyone who looks at her in an envious manner, or is heard making a bitchy comment, is squeeled on, and removed from the party. the squeeler is rewarded by being allowed to stand an extra yard closer to the birthday girl, as everyone sings happy birthday in a really half-hearted, or kiss arse way. The girl is still moaning that someone hasnt been kicked out yet, and she storms round the club looking for this wanted person, followed by her model like fan club. The party finishes and even though it wasnt perfect, at least she got her her parents to dip in their pockets. And that was just her 16th!
My Super sweet 16...or in other words, I want everything and I want it now, and if I dont get it right at this very minute I am going to scream so loud, that every bit of glass will break in thw whol entire universe and you will be known as the worst parents ever.
dog bin todayによって 2006年04月26日(水)
MTV Reality show following the planning of an extremelly wealthy father's jailbait daughter turning 16.

Type of parents who buy their kids and their friends alcohol to be known as cool parents.

Preppy girls show off their wealth and power at their school by having exclusive party.

Also see slut bitch or jailbait for the type of girls show focuses on.
Hey that girl looks 21 but is actually only 15 and turning 16. If I tapped that ass I'd be going straight to jail.
SpunCrazyBによって 2005年02月24日(木)
Superficial, materialistic girls and guys who flash their wealth on national television. They choose who to invite and how much money they want for their fabulous, all-expense-paid party. Rarely, some are nice and true about their character. But, most of them are artificial and feeble-minded (stupid). At the end of about all the episodes of "Super Sweet 16," these young adults receive elegant, shiny, new cars. However, people say this show is fixed and that parents publicize their children on television to get noticed or become even more well-known with the world. In the end, all of the self-absorbed teenagers come together or have a reunion to see who has the best party, make friends, or secretly compare their parents high salary. In other words, basically see who's, so far, the richest person on the show.
Are you comin' to "My Super Sweet 16?" It's goin' to be the best party ever!
Anonymous1412によって 2007年07月02日(月)


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