Mississippi Mudslide. Commonly seen by people driving camaro's made in the 80's.
Anonymousによって 2003年02月14日(金)
the missouri compromise.
i's got to get me a mullet on t ya
iceboxによって 2003年02月14日(金)
Always popular hair style that screams party in the front, business in the back.
Andrea: Wow Butch's new haircut screams party in the front business in the back. What's it called?
Tyler: That's a mullet.
ces5210によって 2010年07月24日(土)
A person who's credit is so terrible, that they couldn't even buy candy with cash.

Manager: Hey, do you have a deal on that car?
Salesman: He wants to buy it, but he's a fucking mullet.
Trent Hによって 2007年10月11日(木)
Buisness in the front, party in the back
The ideal hairstyle for one who leads a life of both buisness and leisure
rexによって 2005年03月06日(日)
short in the front long in the back so it is an
El camino car in the front truck in the back!!!
tim mcgeeによって 2004年07月19日(月)
A hairstyle worn by men or women; the front of a mullet is anywhere from 1-2 inches long and sticks up while the back is often shoulder-length.
Business up front, party in the back!
Adrienneによって 2004年06月17日(木)


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