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Msn messenger is an instant messaging service. NOT a chatroom. You can talk to your friends online and your friends only, unless you add someone to your contacts list that you do not know. Its a service that allows you to talk to your friends for free. So parents stop being is NOT and I will repeat NOT a chatroom!
Mum: "I am not sure that I want you to go on this chatroom"
Kid: "It's not a chatroom its an instant messaging service"
Mum: "I'm not sure"
Kid: "Fine then, look i'll show you" *signs onto messenger*

Kid: Hiya Sarah
Sarah: Hiya
Kid: what are we talking on now?
Sarah: msn messenger....der!!
Kid: Is msn messenger a chatroom?
Sarah: No.. it's an instant messaging service.
Kid: Thank you

*Kid turns to Mum*
Kid: "See, I told you Mum, it's not a chatroom"

Christina1337によって 2005年10月01日(土)
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The most common teenage addiction
Danielle: Omg! im going away for a week to Majorca! That means i cant go on MSN!

Sophia: OMG!! how are you gona live???!!!
Emma the sexy beastによって 2005年05月24日(火)
The newest way to have intercourse with other people.
And by intercourse, I mean speech, you perverts.
"Step aside phones, letters, morse code, and actual talking, here comes MSN messenger!"
T.J.(cc)によって 2005年11月05日(土)
Microsoft's very own messenger service, used by a huge variety of people to chat with each other offering many useful features. Mainly used by teenagers & often assumed that the Messenger is used by perverts.
"I'll speak to you later, on MSN Messenger"
Ringmasterrobによって 2004年09月15日(水)
Msn messenger.... The best instant messangeing prog atm!
"tlk 2 u on msn k?"
"yeh ok"
mrmt32によって 2005年04月20日(水)
this program was developed by micrsoft in the late 90s. it wasn't really a big hit to begin with. ICQ, AOL and yahoo still had dominated the chat-to-chat program wars. microsoft began to incorporate msn messenger into it's operating system, forcing its consumers to use this program and to sign with a "passport" to login. this "passport" could be used for other msn features such hotmail, etc. msn messenger is used worldwide by people of all ages, not just teenagers as has been previously described here. although it's most common users are young adults or college students. the worst thing about msn messenger is that you don't have to type properly on it whatsoever. people on msn will often shorten words and not even use proper sentences. a very common thing to do on msn is adding the internet word "lol" at the beginning or end of any statement. it has become very annoying. this issue has even sparked some issue in high school essays.
msn messenger was developed by microsoft. it is the now one of the most popular chatting clients on the internet today rivaly with AOL and Yahoo continue. Msn messenger has very frequent downtimes. Is this due to hackers? Possibly. Most of the time they are for security updates.
s_N_double_O_Pによって 2005年04月24日(日)
form of communication
where people use a language that no-one can understand

& more addictive than a drug
msn messenger person 1 says:
hey hws u
msn messenger person 2 says:
gdgd u
msn messenger person 1 says:
im gd wubu2
emilie.によって 2008年01月27日(日)


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