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The act of halting the flow of effluence from the rear orifice using the fifth digit of the dominant hand.
"I almost had to pull a Moxin, but made it to the bathroom in time"
MMによって 2004年04月16日(金)
A total loser who spends every waking hour sitting in front of his computer posting on message boards. Chronic masturbater.
Moxin owns stock in Kleenex.
My Niggaによって 2003年02月13日(木)
A male version of the camel toe, created by wearing tight pants that push the testicles into a pronounced position on either side of the seam.
"Dude, your Moxin is disgusting."
#male #camel toe #testicles #tight #pants
Hog@WWIIOLによって 2008年04月24日(木)
male equivalent for camel toe
Wow, did you see the moxin on that guy?
#camel toe #disgusting #moxun #moxen #moksin
thewenchによって 2008年04月24日(木)
A Q2WF vet. Very Skilled.
anonによって 2003年10月22日(水)
Loser ; 2: Someone prone to be easily defamed 3: Someone easily insulted :; moxin, moxinated, et al.
Man he has been Moxinated, look at him cry.
anonによって 2003年02月14日(金)
A person who can't get it up unless Daler is involved. However Subotai has been known to break the rule. Use openly as an adjective.
Nyiskによって 2003年02月13日(木)

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