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An overly large girl
Boy, isn't Janvier a mountain
General_Trufflesによって 2003年03月10日(月)
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The breasts that are usually big
Hey, you with the big mountains!
Liamによって 2005年03月19日(土)
The same as a peak/boid etc. It's an insult to make someone upset and you can't comeback to it. Usually used when someone has done something stupid like fallen over.
Lewis: "Haha you fell over that is Mountain for you"
Anzio24によって 2011年11月28日(月)
a large amount
He had a mountain of work after school.
The Return of Light Jokerによって 2009年06月18日(木)
A person who is particularly bootylicious. Usually a Mexican male who strangely enough lives in Pinole, CA. He is a rare breed.
"Dayum, girl. Look at that guy's ass. It's the biggest mountain I can see!"
fayfによって 2008年10月18日(土)
upstate NY prisons (where numerous NY prisons are, away from the city)
I was away up in the mountains for 11 years and my commissary was always right.
OntheHumbleによって 2008年03月14日(金)
Pimples or acne on a person, normally the nose
wow, you have some disgusting mountains

<throws up>
anonymousによって 2006年06月18日(日)


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